School Supply Drive

Hello friends!

As the beginning of school approaches in the times of COVID, our school supply drive looks a little different this year. We will give supplies directly to the school for staff and teachers to distribute. We received estimates of numbers of high need students and most needed supplies from counselors (with more info coming from middle and high schools soon as they sort through who will be in the building versus virtual learning). 


You can see the list of needed supplies on the Sign Up Genius website, and sign up for what you would like to bring:


If you would like to donate towards the endeavor, that is wonderful as well! 


The items are listed by how many we need per student, and in parenthesis it's listed how many students need that item (ex: A student needs 2 packs of paper a piece, and we are collecting paper for 30 students, so ultimately we'll need 60 packs. When you sign up for a supply, it's listed by how many one student will need {in this case 2 packs of paper}). 


If you have any questions on the list, please let us know!

Thank you for sharing Christ's love in a tangible way with the students of our community!


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Sarah