I'm new!

Welcome! Thanks for checking out the website! There's a place for you at worship, Sunday mornings at 10:30 am! We also stream on Facebook.com/skiatookfumc


Maybe you have some questions before you attend? Hopefully these FAQs can help!

Where do I park?

There is ample parking both on the west side of the church office building and on the east side (farther from Osage Ave)! 


How should I dress? 

However you are comfortable! You’ll see folks from business casual to casual wear. Feel free to wear whatever you like! 


Where should my kids go?

Kiddos of ALL ages are MORE than welcome in worship! They are an important part of the community, even when they’re young and need to wiggle a little more! Baby coos and squeals are little “amens!” 

We also provide nursery care free of charge during the worship service for ages birth to 3 years old. The nursery is located down the south hallway (a greeter would be happy to show you the way!). There is also a comfy room for moms to nurse, parents to feed a baby, or for when a kiddo just needs a minute!


What’s the service like?

There are songs, both old hymns and contemporary praise songs, prayer, scripture, and a sermon that aims to offer Good News applicable for our modern lives. The service generally lasts 45 minutes - 1 hour. 


Need more information? 

Pastor Meg, and the rest of our FUMC Skiatook staff love to meet new people! Reach out by email or phone with any questions!

admin@fumcskiatook.com 918-396-2519


***Here are some FAQ’s and answers that may be helpful with any office hour questions.

Why are the doors locked?

-FUMC Skiatook is locked at all times for security purposes. This began after the break-ins several years ago, and the doors are locked for the safety of those present in the building. If you are ever waiting at any of the doors, please give us a call at (918)-396-2519 to buzz you in, or there is a doorbell located at the office door (south side of the building).

Why was there no one at the Church when I came by?

-Our typical office hours are Tues-Fri 10am-6pm for Pastor Meg, and 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs for our office manager Nikki. Please keep in mind that we may be gone at a moments notice for people in need. We also leave the church often for meetings, mail/bank runs, church supply shopping, and because we do actually eat lunch. These are just some of the reasons we might not be in during office hours.

Can I tell if the office is open by the cars in the parking lot?

No, some days you may see cars in the parking lot that don’t belong to staff, and other days while there are no cars, it could be because Nikki’s home is within walking distance, so she might not drive to work that day.

Why isn’t the office open from 9-5?

-Should the office ever not be open, Meg and Nikki are both available and on call 24/7. Some days you will find them at church as early as 7am, or as late as 1am working on outside ministries. While these are not our ideal hours, it's part of the ministry. So on those 7am days the office will probably not stay open until 5pm, or if staff there until 1am, the office probably wont be open by 9am. Occasionally, emergency calls occur on Saturdays that could take all day, and the staff might arrange another day off the following week. To meet these challenging situations, the staff often has to be flexible with their hours.

How can I reach someone if the office isn’t occupied?

The best and easiest way to guarantee staff will be at the office when you arrive is to call ahead of time so we can arrange the best time to meet! If you do show up without a phone call first, and we are gone, the office phone forwards to Nikki's cell phone after 3 rings. The office number is (918)-396-2519, you can also reach either of us by email at admin@fumcskiatook.com or pastormeg@fumcskiatook.com. Facebook messenger is also a popular way people reach us! Josh also just installed a ring doorbell located at the office door over the summer that also goes to Nikki's phone so she can check in and let you know how long she will be gone.

As always, if you have any other questions, never hesitate to reach out to our staff. We are all here to help you and meet your needs. We are a church built on grace! If you did miss us, please reach out TO US and we will get you taken care of. We can’t help if we don’t know- AND WE WANT TO HELP!